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PCMCIA and Express slots


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PCMCIA and Express slots

  • Hi, I am about to purchase some new high end laptops, probably Latitude E6400 or E6500.


    I am unable to determine from the website which laptops (including the E6400 & E6500) of these has PCMCIA/Cardbus slots, and which have Express slots, and which have both.


    I am guessing that it is one or the other on the E6500 (built on to the graphics card?), and the E6500 has both?  Can anyone confirm that?  


    On the E6500 can you use both the cardbus slot and the  Expresscard slot at the same time?


    What about on current Vostro or XPS or Inspiron models?


    thanks, Edwin

  • All current Vostro, XPS and Inspiron models are Express Card only - no PCMCIA.


    The Latitude E6400 and E6500 have one card slot that will take either Express Card or PCMCIA (but not two of them at the same time).


  • I found a manual for the E6400, and it says that both the Expresscard slot and PC Card slot are optional,

    and they are specific to one or the other (cannot accept both cards).  Not clear still if you can order both.


    When configuring the E6500, it looks like you choose which card slot you want when you specify the graphics

    card  - weird.


    Any one who can speak definitively on this please?