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Inspiron 1525 Boot Problem


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Inspiron 1525 Boot Problem

  • I have Inspiron 1525. My system is not booting. It shows the earlier messages and reaches till the message appears"Windows is starting".After that it remains in the same condition and the light of the HDD blinks rapidly.It seems it is trying to read HDD but it is unable.And it doesn't starts. I have tried reinstalling the system also but the same happens.


    Please guide me

  • Press F12 on powerup, load the Dell diagnostics and run the extended test on the hard drive.


  • I have run all the diagnostic test on the gives the Error Code 0F00:0767 and msg that DISK_0- self test did not finish in time.


    Now hat I do?

  • Call Dell with the error, and they'll ship you a replacement for your failing drive.  Ask for a pre-imaged replacement - it will save you hours of time.


  • Try this and it really works*****turn on your computer and keep tapping F2 and you will be in SYSTEM BIOS...highlight Onboard devices and hit Enter on that....highlight the Flash Cache MOd adn Hit Enter on that and on the right hab\nd side you need to turn Off the flash cache mod and afetr turning it off...Highlight the SATA Operation and hit enter on that and take it to ATA from AHCI adn hit enter on ATA and you will get one warning messege..just continue on that and press yes and after that press ESC to exit the Bios You will get 3 options...U need to choose SAVE/EXIT and hit enter on that and the system will be restarting up and Hopefully the system will boot to windows.....

    Letr me know if this works...


  • Dear Thanx....It really works and now my computer has been booted. You are great.  Tell me one thing...If I should reinstall windows or not.
  • Man!!! You are the man.  Thanks alot.  It worked for me.  It repaired my hard drive.  I was getting ready to go and buy a new hard drive and something just said to try your idea because i didn't have anything else to loose.

    Just one more question, should i be going back into the BIOS and enable the "flash cache MOD" and change the SATA Operation back to ATA from AHCI??

    Please let me know and thanks alot agin.

  • The hard drive has developed bad sectors - replace it as soon as possible.


  • Noooooooooooooooooooooo, man, it did not worked on my computer.

    Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you know another way to try to fix that problem?????? If you know, please tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm desperate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hello, guys, I have encounted the same problem, just the luck save me to not give the computer to recycle.

    My idea is to use the original cd of vista.

    Second you try to boot with the cd.

    But after installation, the computer can not continue because of blue screen.

    My solution is to use command line and after go to hard drive.

    Chose the command CLEAN.

    It must work.

    After the installation works properly.