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Inspiron 1526 battery not charging while plugged in....


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Inspiron 1526 battery not charging while plugged in....

  • Inspiron 1526 laptop battery was charging fine for the first 2 months, then all of a sudden, it's not charging. Thought at first it was the AC source, but the computer runs fine while plugged in. Contacted Dell support, they send me a new battery, well same problem. The new battery won't charge at all either. The only way we've been able to use the computer is if it is plugged in. Is anyone else having this problem or does anyone know what the problem could be? Thanks!!

  • Hi

       I have a Inspiron 1525 and am having the same problem, battery not charging while plugged in, the battery light flashes orange 4 times and blue once, you got a new battery and that didn't help, this battery and computer is only 4 months old, best buy said they would send it out for repair but it would take 4 to 6 weeks, when I go into my dell battery meter it states my battery is 65% charged but not charging and that the battery health state is good. what is the problem if you findout please let me know.

                                                                                                               Thanks with any help you can give potpie

  • HI,

    I also have an inspiron 1525 and I am having almost the same problem, only that the battery life of my computer is only 20 or 30 minutes. Plus the internet runs slow on my laptop.This laptop is not even 6 months old yet, so age is not a problem. All our computers have been from dell, but this is the only one where there is a problem with the internet. Please Help!

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  • Mine just started doing it also, we had to splice our cord, it worked fine then started having that problem, so i used someon elses and its not the cord, not sure what the problem, we thought i might be the battery, but then i read yours, did you solve the problem?

  • same thing with mine! and i got it from best buy, we just sent ours back in november and took 5 weeks for the memory board?  weve had it back a few months and now this, ours isnt a year old either.

  • I have Inspirion 1300. Had backup battery from start. First battery was ok during 1 year. Second died after 8 months of work. Think this is because laptop usually in the charging mode, what is not good for batteries.

    Where is possible to buy new battery? Can't find anywhere :(


  • Really?  It's not good for a battery for the laptop to  usually be  in the charging mode?

    I always have my laptop plugged in, never use the battery to power the computer.  That's bad?!

    I'm now getting message for the first time:   "87% Available (Plugged in, Not Charging)"

    I have NO idea what that means!




  • I'm pretty sure it's the charger then. My charger's gotten looser and it's hard to hold a connection sometimes; I have to jostle the cord around a bunch in order to get it to register the charger. Once the power went out here for a split second and came back on right away, and then my laptop said it didn't recognize the charger. My laptop's gotten down to 1% remaining, plugged in, not charging, but with the fact that the charger doesn't always register, I know I've got limited time left if I can't figure out the real problem soon enough :/

  • did you problem get solved?

    I am having the same problem after about 18 months. the battery was working fine and abruptly it stopped charging. it started over heating a few months before it happened. i was asked to try my battery on a different laptop just to see if the problem was with battery or on the motherboard. it looks like motherboard has some protective diode or something which blows up if temp gets too high to protect other vital parts.


  • I have purchased MANY dell systems.....Servers and desktops for friends and my work..........but none had problem like this one..........I am 100% sure replacing the AC Adopter or battery will not fix the problem, so stop spending money for extra parts, here is what I have done so far:


    Replaced the current battery with a bran new battery, problem did not go away.

    Replaced the current AC Adopter with bran new AC Adopter, problem did not go away.

    Combination of new battery and current AC Adopter did not fix the problem.

    Combination of new AC Adopter and current battery did not fix it the problem.

     Latest Windows Update did fix the issue either.

    All the updates for Dell Inspiron 1526 from Dell Web site did not help

    I'm convinced Dell is aware of this issue but are not willing to admit there is a problem......I am waiting to the recall  

    MY system service tag # , in case Dell decides to look at the issue.

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  • I am having the exact same problem!!! SO upset with this system, I've had nothing but problems

  • I am having the exact same problem!!! I tried known good ac adapters with no luck.

  • Ok so i've been researching the problem and i found a forum that said updating the bios to the latest version will resolve the issue. So i started Downloading all of the bios versions for the 1526 a08, a11, a14, and a15. When i began to run the a08 update in windows i got an error right away stating that the battery had to be above 10% to ru the update. So i though i would try and trick it and boot into dos and then run the updates and this worked fine until update a14 which wouldn't let me run the bios update even from dos with the battery below 10%. I just think that it is really fun that there is a bios update that addresses issues with batteries(a14) but you can't run it unless your battery is charged above 10%. So i'd love to see if this resolves my issue but i can't because it requires my battery be charged above 10% and i can't charge my battery until i get the a14 bios update. I think you get me predicament(sp).

  • I have done that and IT DOES NOT WORK..........I have bios version A15 and problem is still there. I tell you what works. We have Dell Latitude E5500 at work, I used the AC adopter from E5500 and it started to charge my big difference is that E5500 uses 90 WATT AC Adopter vs 65 WATT for Inspiron 152x.


  • What is the dell part number of that power supply? Cause i tried using a dell part number gx808 which is also a 90 watt power suplly but that doesn't charge it, keep in mind im only at bios version a11