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How to find E1505 Motherboard Model Number


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How to find E1505 Motherboard Model Number

  • I need to find a replacement motherboard for my Inspiron E1505 and I see mention of several models in this forum such as JJ619, YD612, and MD666.  I have removed my motherboard as well as reviewed the Dell part numbers from my Service Tag information on Dell's website and I don't see any numbers to match these.  Can anyone help me with finding the model number of my laptop to use in pursuit of a replacement board.

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  • There are multiple numbers but only two types:


    One type has Intel integrated video, and the other has a separate ATI or nVidia card. 


    If you want your exact model number, it's near the memory sockets on the board and should start with DP/N ...


    All models of each type interchange (i.e., all of the ones with integrated video interchange with each other, and all with video cards interchange with each other).  While you can install a board with discrete video to replace an integrated one, if you do so you must remember to purchas an E1505/6400 video card - either an ATI X1300, X1400 or nVidia 7300 - to go with the new board.


  • Thank you for your prompt response and clear explanation.  The only label in the memory area is as follows: "CN-0DF214-48643-63M-4928" which doesn't look close to the type of number I think I am looking for.  Does this number contain a clue? By the way I do have a discrete video card (ATI Mobility Radeon X1400) and the  processor is the Intel duo core T2400 2MB cache/1.83Ghz/667MHz FSB.  Absent a model number is there a list of the discrete video motherboards that would work?  Sorry for the detail questions but I am trying to avoid purchasing the wrong replacement making this an even worse experience than it already is.

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  • Any E1505/Inspiron 6400 discrete board will work - yours is number DF214








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  • Thank you very much for the help!!