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Problem with AC Adapter for E1705


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Problem with AC Adapter for E1705

  • I bought my E1705 in April 2007 and have a problem with the AC Adapter where it doesn't input any power into the laptop. 


    Dell Technical Support sent me a new AC Adapter last week in July 2008, and it still didn't work, so they sent me another one which arrived last night (07 Aug) and it still doesn't work. Thats the 2nd AC Adapter they've sent me in 7 days.  For both adapters, I get a long continuous buzz in the power brick and no power transmits to the laptop. And the power brick heats up to very hot in within 1 minute. 


    Dell Technical Support said it could be my power supply within my apartment but last night the super for my building checked it out and said my electrical wiring was fine.


    Calling Dell support last night, I was put on hold several times (apparently they couldn't transfer any calls) and the 4th time I called I was on hold for 44 mins (thank goodness for handsfree phones!).


    Is there a known issue with the AC Adapters for E1705 laptops?


    Will Dell technical support get any better than sending out dud AC Adapters?



  • Sounds more like a faulty battery or a faulty system board.


  • Check the voltage from the power brick (when not attached to the computer). The buzzing and heat indicate it is overloaded and may be no good.


    If the problem is the battery that is


    It sounds like you have a short in the power circuit on the system board or with the power socket itself, or the battery, which is overloading the brick. Two power bricks will not be faulty the same way.


    If it's the battery, it should also be hot. There was an industry-wide battery problem with shorted out batteries that somtimes led to fires. Check the battery ID at the Dell site to see if it was included in the massive recall.The E6000 is supposedly not on the list.


    If it's not the battery, this would mean the system board is shot. It might be possible to fix the board if the problem is in the socket and the system board is OK, but unless you can do the work yourself, it will not be cheap. If the system board needs to be replaced, it's around $500.

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  • All your insights were correct.  Dell Technical Support thinks the system board needs to be replaced and will send a technician to replace it as well as replace the manufacturer type of the power brick.


    I will post when all is fixed.