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flashing lights on D630

  • Hi everyone. My first post....probably not my last. I love the forums......they are a great resource for valuable information.

  here's the deal.....I have a Dell Latitude D630 that will not even post. I get two flashing lights on the top left corner of the keyboard. THere are three seperate lights that are available here.....(they are all in the shape of a padlock)....on the lef tis a "9" the middle is a "A"....and theone on the right is a "down arrow". The middle and the right one are the the two blinking. I had a chat session with a Dell support person and he sent me a new HD based on the fact I was able to boot the machine into windows on this other HD. I checked the memory and that doesn't seem to be the cause.

    Anybody know what the two blinking lights means??


    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have the new HD from Dell, but it will not even see the new drive for me to install and image.



  • Remove and replace the memory modules.  If the system won't power up thereafter, you've a faulty mainboard.


  • thanks for the calls for PC25300 DDR2..... to test it I used PC24200 DRR2.....I got no response from the device. no beeps nothing.....except for the two blinking lights that I mentioned earlier.


    You think it could be anything else besides the MOBO? If it is, not a the machine is under warranty. 


    I do appreciate the feedback very much.



  • Hold on - you did not mention having used untried RAM.  I would make sure you try Dell certified RAM before going further.



  • it's Dell RAM came out of a D620
  • I would buy some of the correct speed of RAM - the issue you're seeing can be from RAM that's too slow.