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Latitude XT Tablet screen orientation impossible!


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Latitude XT Tablet screen orientation impossible!

  • Hi! I am having a LOT of trouble simply trying to change the screen orientation to portrait. When I try it comes up with "The setting you requested cannot be supported. Open Display in Control Panel, adjust the settings, and then try to change orientation again." The thing is, I've tried every resolution available and none of them work! Quickset was already on my computer, so when I tried to install it it didnt change anything so that didnt help, and I am quickly getting frustrated.


    Please help me! I see many of these threads have 0 replies... please dont let me be one of them!


    God bless

  • I have lost the last two days with the same exact problem. I have not been able to get any help either in with this problem. So, you are certainly not alone here.
  • hey guys,


    reinstall ati driver and also quick set driver - you´ll find it on support page.




  • Hi,

    I have recently bought the Dell Tablet Laptop (XT). Unfortunately, the Display orientation change is not working despite the fact that I have tried unistalling, then reinstalling the latest display driver from Dell Site. I have also tried looking for updated drivers for the display on the Windows XP site, but found nothing.

    I regret releasing a product like this one from a company like Dell, with such an important feature not working. For a normal laptop, switching between different orientations is not that important, but it is so important for a tablet laptop.

    I wonder when Dell will be able to sort out this problem, or it will remain silent about it, especially after reading so many comments complaining from the same, without any reply from DELL side.

    whammad (an upset Dell Tablet user).

  • Hi,

    I did that at least twice; however, nothing worked out. I wonder how Dell is so silent on this issue so far.

    Please advise, if you can sort it, to enable me utilising the tablet.

  • Nothing worked out so far. I wonder how Dell is still silent on this issue so far despit all these forums and threads.