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Latitude D620 Keyboard Light


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Latitude D620 Keyboard Light

  • Hi,


    I was wondering if anyone knew how to turn on their Dell Latitude D620 keyboard light (above and to the left of the "Volume Down" button and aive the Caps and NumberLoack and Scroll Lock Keys) and if you do, can you please share?





  • There is no keyboard light.....   That square looking thing is an ambient light sensor that adjusts the screen brightness automatically!



  • I just received a replacement keyboard for my D620, and there is definately a legend on the cursor right key for use in combination with the Fn key for a keyboard light.  The Dell QuickSet utility even shows this function.  However it doesn't work.

    Can anyone tell me if this will work on a D620?  Clearly the keyboard must have backlit capability, but I'm wondering if the main board must support it somehow.



  • I don't think the D820 ever had that option - the same keyboard is used on XPS models that do, though.