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Looking for XP driver for BCM2045


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Looking for XP driver for BCM2045

  • Hi

    Recently I purchase a Inspiron 1420 with vista operating system against my better judgment. I have managed to replace vista with XP pro, and everything is working great with exception not being able to find any driver for BCM2045 , SM Bus controller, and 3 other system base devises. Although Iam not currently use any Bluetooth device, but I like to find driver for it if possible. Can anyone point me to the right direction for finding these drivers for XP ?  Thank you for any info.


    Inspiron 1420

    Dual processor T5550, 1.83, 2MB

    250 Gig hard drive 

    1394 Net adapter

    Broadcom netlink (TM) Fast Ethernet

    Dell wireless 1395 WLAN Mini-card

  • Dell has Windows XP drivers for the Inspiron 1420 found here:  Win XP Drivers for Inspiron 1420


    I don't see an entry for the BCM2045 in the list, but if you are using that device as an add-on PC card or something you would likely be better off looking at the Broadcom site.


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  • Thank you for info. You are right , Dell's XP driver support does not have anything listed for BCM2045. This is a internal Bluetooth component that came with laptop, and I have tried the Broadcom site. They have a update driver for XP , but it is package of few drivers , self extracting, and I am afraid if I try to install them, and if they are not compatible might cause more damage than I want to mess with. So iam really trying to find someone that has done this successfully and find out how and where they got it from.

    thank you again for info. 

  • If you figure out which Dell model Bluetooth you have, you might run across something here.


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  • this should work: 

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  • Thank you for information. I 'll give it a try.
  • Ok I install the driver from the link that you provide me and i am happy to say that it works. Thank you Thank you Thank you.
  • I just "upgraded" an Inspiron 1521 from Vista to Windows XP Pro and encountered the BCM2045 driver problem. After much searching on the web, I found the solution mentioned here... which works just fine. Thanks much!!

  • i just install on my inspiron 6400. works cool.

    thanks to all of you!

  • Works with XPS M1330 as well.

    Thanks heaps all.

  • I need the same driver for a Latitude D531 - should I try this one?