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  • I installed 64 bit vista ultimate on my m1330 and in the process I had to change from AHCI in the bios to ATA because windows would not boot.  I am just wondering if it is any problem just leaving it in ATA?  I think AHCI is suppose to perform better but I really saw no difference between the two.  So do you think it would be ok to just stay with ATA?




  • wonderful vista,, and problems still-




    there has been some that stated you should enable ahci in the bios before installing vista, and not after you install vista



  • My computer works just fine in ATA, I have no BSOD and everything is great, I am just wondering if it is much better to have AHCI or if i'll be fine leaving it as it is.
  • you need to read the links.,,it will tell ya the advantage of ahci over ata....achi i believe is hot-pluggable, has support for some other features that ata has not.