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XPS M1530 - Dell Factory Restore VIsta - NO Option


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XPS M1530 - Dell Factory Restore VIsta - NO Option

  • Hi, i have just recently bought i dell xps 1530. Its my first dell/laptop, and so far its been great!

    But now i need to do a factory restore, to bring some things back that i deleted.

    From what i read, inserting the dell media center thingy cd would start this process. It didnt, and now i have a completely new install of vista, BUT without the dell settings.


    Now, i know i have just stuffed up! There is no recovery partition anymore, but dont worry about that, my bro has the same laptop, and im imaging his harddrive to get the restore partition back.


    But here is where my question comes in. I have tried on my laptop (before i formatted it) and my bro's laptop, but i could NEVER see the 'Dell Factory Restore' in the vista fix options ...


    Is there something i have to do first to be able to see it ? Because i have gone through the manual many times, and all it says, is press F8 -> then choose language -> then click on dell factory restore.... BUT THERE ISN'T THAT OPTION!!!


    I also read on the dell website, that some XPS' dont come with recovery tools, and stuff. Is the M1530 one of them ? 


    Can someone please help ?

  • Dell computers manufactured before august 2004 doesn't have the PC restore option. XPS 1530 is newest computer and it has PC restore. You can do factory restore using the vista disk which was shipped along with the computer.
  • Thats what i did tho, I inserted the windows vista DVD, but thats all the dvd is, a basic vista disc. Not the dell factory settings one ... ? Any other ideas ... or directions on how to get to this!?
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  • Boot from the Vista DVD.....Repair My Computer....Advanced Boot options.  You will see the Dell Factory Restore option there.
  • Boot through the vista DVD, select the repair option then select the command prompt. You would have to contact the DELL XPS support. There are a set of command which we need to execute in the command prompt to do factory restore.
  • dare i ask, how long it takes dell support to get back to someone .. ?



    Oh wait, nevermind. Im technically a day a head :P lol, ingore this post!

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  • Well dell finally got back to me and said, that a system restore had to be purchesed with the system!!!

    Now this i think is insane! why should one have to pay for this ? Personaly i would have go it, but i did not order my xps, i was given it as a birthday gift.


    Do anyone else, know of a way i can restore most of my settings, with out doing a system restore then ?