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Inspiron 8600 won't turn on!


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Inspiron 8600 won't turn on!

  • A couple of days ago I had to press the power button on my Inspiron 8600 a couple of times before it powered up and turned on.  A day later when I went to turn it on, it took about 5 tries, and then powered up.  Now it seems completely dead.  I've pressed the power button dozens on times but nothing happens (no lights, no sounds, nothing). 


    Any ideas on what might be going on and what I can try to turn it back on would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks! 

  • Reseat the memory module(s), and verify that the LED on the AC adapter is ON before you plug in the notebook end.  If it is not, replace the adapter.


    Remove the battery - will it power up without it?  If so, replace the battery.


    If still nothing without  battery and with a good power supply, your mainboard is faulty.


  • Thanks ejn for the reply.  I tried what you said but still no luck.  Is there a chance that the connection between the button is loose or is there anything else to try? 


    If the motherboard is shot, I'm assuming it would be worth getting a new laptop instead of replacing the motherboard.  Would you agree?

  • There isn't much else to try.


    Depending on whether you can change the board yourself, and whether you're looking to upgrade anyway, the boards aren't outrageously expensive - it may make sense to repair rather than replace if the unit otherwise serves your purposes.




  • Ok, thanks for the response.  I've had the laptop for about 4 years so at least I got some good use out of it.
  • I decided to give it another try last night and surprising it turned on.  It definitely seems random when it turns on.  I'm going to leave it on and see how long it lasts.  Hopefully it'll last a while since the only issue seems to be when I have to turn it on.

  • I popped the plastic panel off with the volume and power buttons tonight.  When I removed it I saw a plastic connector to the back right.  It seemed a little loose so I pushed it all the way down.  With the panel still off, I hit the power button and the laptop turned. I popped the panel back in and turned it on and off a few times with no problems.  Looks like the power connector was simply a little loose.