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Keyboard problem: English-Spanish switch


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Keyboard problem: English-Spanish switch

  • Hi all, running Vista on a Dell Inspiron E1505.  I need to type some of my documents in Spanish so I have enabled the Spanish keyboard setting (Control Panel>Clock, Language, and Region>Regional and Language Options>Change Keyboards>Spanish).


    It works fine with the accents and € symbol and everything, except that I cannot find the "< >" characters.  On normal Spanish keyboards the characters are located on one key, which is located between the "z" and the left "Shift" keys.  However on my laptop's keyboard, that key does not work and the the left "Shift" key is made bigger to make up for it.


    Question: How do I type the "< >" characters while staying in the Spanish keyboard mode?  I would like to avoid switching from Spanish to English keyboards, although I know I can do it easily with the Language bar next to the Quick Launch bar.



  • have you tried looking at the windows character map?
  • If what you are referring to can be found at Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Character Map, then yes, I am familiar with it.  I know I can find the symbols there as well as go to Insert>Symbol in most programs.  Also, the Alt+0123 combinations.  However, what I am looking for is a way to simply make the < and > characters with a stroke (or two) of the keyboard, instead of having to go through a mess of menus, the labyrinth that is the Windows Character Map program, or memorize two four-digit numbers for characters I don't make that often.


    Maybe there is a way to re-assign a particular key?  For example, Alt+Shift+G would be the < symbol and Alt+Shift+H would be the > character, or something to that effect.  I know that I can do this for Office programs, but I would like it to be universal for all the programs I use.


    Thanks for the help so far. 

  • Go to and download a piece of software they call Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator.  Install it and play around with it.  It allows you to map keys to various characters and also assign what are called deadkeys so that you can have them act as switches to switch between normal keys and hotkeys.

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