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Temporary Battery Failure-Help!

  • I tested my battery and Dell support website says that the flashing battery light I have on my Inspiron 9300 laptop indicates I have temporary battery failure.  The website said to use the Dell Troubleshooting Wizard, where the heck is that???  And does this mean I need a new battery or can I fix this if it's a temporary failure?  Help is appreciated, thanks.
  • Turn the system off for a while.  When you reboot if the flashing is gone, the error is temporary.  If it returns (which it likely will if the battery is original - the 9300 is at least a couple of years old, and likely well past the expected life of its battery) - it is not, and the battery needs replacement.


  • I have a Dell Inspiron B130, it's old, but it can still provide my basic requirements. It also experiences the "Temporary Battery Failure" flashing in the LED display. I had just recently replaced the battery by buying online. However, the flashing remains the same. The battery is brand new and a Non-Dell product bought from Ebay, I think the source is from New Jersey which I requested to be shipped here in the Philippines. 

    On the start menu tasbar in Windows XP, the battery indicated 67% percent charged (but is not charging) and it is under Normal Condition (Power Properties). 

    Hope I can get help here without having to return the battery back to New Jersey. Do you have accredited service centers here in the Philippines?