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Certain keys on Inspiron 8100 keyboard dont work!


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Certain keys on Inspiron 8100 keyboard dont work!

  • Hi,


    I have just been given an Inspiron 8100 laptop from a friend to wipe the hard drive and re-install XP.  I now have a clean installed of XP however 6 keys do not work:


    These are:

    "r" and "t" on the top row

    "f" and "g" on the middle row

    "v" and "b" on the bottom row


    As far as I can tell everything else is fine.  


    I have ensured that the United Kingdom keyboard is selected and is default in Regional and Language Options from the contro panel and have removed the US keyboard.


    A few weeks ago this happened and I made the UK keyboard default and it "seemed" to be ok since.  But the problem has come back again. 

    I thought that it may be a dodgy keyboard as the keys that do not work are in a line RT, FG and VB down the keyboard which looks like it could be one of the pins on the IO connector.. I have not removed the keyboard to to try but before I do just wondering if anyone else had an ideas?  Hopefully a software problem rather than a hardware problem?


    Thanks in advanced.



  • If an external keyboard is OK (USB or PS/2), replace the internal one.


  • doh, good thinking.....  will try that right now!!!! (can't beleive I didnt think of that - long day!)
  • Yup, just tried an external USB keyboard and it worked fine.... so looks like I need to replace the laptop keyboard? 


    Do you know any cheap places I can look?  ebay is around £20+ shipping...  which is not too bad...  but wanted to get one as cheap as possible (obviously!) as this laptop is quite old and not worth spending too much on it...


    Thanks again....