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e1505/6400 locks up


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e1505/6400 locks up

  • My inspiron e1505 locks up randomly and sometimes won't turn back on..  It seems to do it more often when it is moving around like when I just lift it up to put it on my lap or put it on my desktop.  When it doesn't turn back on, it will turn on the power light, and spin up my hard drive but after about 3 seconds will just shut off.  No post, no lock codes, nothing.   I am a dell technician but I just need some extra brain power because I have used the Dell Solution Network to it's max. 


    I know it's not my ram.  I have reseated them plenty of times as well as switched with known good ones and it still does the same thing.  It could possibly be the ram slots though, I don't know.  I have reseated my video card as well.  Pretty much the only thing I haven't reseated is the processor (next on my list).


    I try to run 32 bit diags, but it freezes in random spots just like it does within windows and it has never given me any error codes.  I also ran the crash analysis tool but it didn't find anyting that could help.  I am okay with replacing a part but I need to find out what part I need replaced since I don't have a valid warrantee anymore. I am thinking it is either my motherboard or my video card. (More motherboard becuase when it won't turn back on I pull out the battery and drain the flea power it seems to start up just fine.)


    Any suggestions?


    Also if it is the video card, what can I upgrade to?  I use my lappy for graphic editing and design and could use the extra power.


    Thanks in advance! 

  • sounds like something is loose, if it's related to movement.


    if you had it apart for some reason, maybe you should revisit that. 


    it sounds as if you've already checked all the connections.  if a Dell technician can't figure it out, I don't know who can. 

  • If it helps, my system just crashed and I got a recovery log.  The crash dump file is available if anyone ould like to read it and see what it says about my system.  The error signature is.....


    BCCode : 100000ea     BCP1 : 88F87AF8     BCP2 : 89B4FA80     BCP3 : BACF3CBC
    BCP4 : 00000001     OSVer : 5_1_2600     SP : 2_0     Product : 256_1