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Upgrade XPS M1710

  • Sorry about the rant but I have to get this off my chest. Thanks for any help pertaining to any question in this post.

    I have been having issues with my 1710 since day 1 and now I am just fedup with it. Yes I have gone through the technical support with my problems but spending 5hrs on a phone and not solving the problem is not acceptable. So I was hoping if I can just upgrade my 1710 to a 1730 and get all my problems solved(since the 1710 is discontinued). If I must pay for a difference then I am willing. I use xp not vista so that is not the problem in any case.

    If you want details as to what problems I get then the most common issue I get is a memory issue saying memory could not be written/read (one of the two) I have had my RAM replaced but that didn't really fix the problem. It did fix the memory could not be written issues but I still get read errors and at random times. The error jumps around from each app, DivX, World of Warcraft, PowerCinema. I flash the HDD at least every 3 months and install all the latest drivers from dell (and yes I do install them in the proper order, got it from a dell Tech support guy when the Windows Disc they gave me was corrupt and had to get it replaced). Except the Nvidia driver since the one from Nvidia is more current then Dell's. I play a lot of games and they all look perfect at the highest settings running at 60fps(since that is the frequency of the monitor) Don't know if I am having memory issues with the Graphics card or not but Dell says this issue I get is related to my RAM. Also I have been getting a wierd error message sometimes when I turnoff the notebook, it says "DLL failed to initialize" kinda wierd since I am turning off the pc.

    My system hard ware are as follows

    (no I do not overclock since that can lead to void warranties and a broken lappy.....Also I don't have the time)

    Intel Centrino Duo 2.0Ghz T2500

    100GB HD

    2GB RAM (667Mhz I believe) 

    Nvidia 7900 GTX GO 512MB

    Windows XP Pro sp2

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  • You can still buy the XPS M1710 here: http://tinyurl.com/6lu5jf

    If you do not have the time then maybe you should steer away from SLI in the 1730 as there are alot of driver and compatibility problems and from what i have read most owners either can't get both to work or just disable one of them. Secondly if you still want to go the 1730 route i would recommend holding out till they upgrade the video cards to 8800's. As far as i know the 1730 only comes with Vista and you said you use XP and i prefer XP for games so you may still be able to buy the M1710 with XP or just dual boot Vista with XP like i have done.


    XPS M1710
    Intel Core 2 Duo 2.16Ghz CPU
    2GB Ram
    160GB Sata HDD
    Nvidia Geforce Go 7950GTX 512MB
    Vista Home 32bit Dual Boot Win XP SP2 for gaming baby!!!
  • Oh one more thing, can a 1710 use the t7800 processor?
  • I am not entirely sure if the XPS 1530 which can take that CPU and 1710 have the same chipsets or are like for like. I would repost that question in the Laptops Upgrade Hardware section here:


    Hopefully someone who owns both machines will be able to enlighten you :)
  • The M1710 is a socket M system - the T7800 is socket P, so no, you can't use that CPU.

    The fastest CPU you can use is the T7600.  None of the socket P CPUs (the ones with T7x00, x=odd or above 6, the T8x00, T9x00 and X-series) will work.


  • i should also point out that Dell does not warrant mobo or CPU upgrades even though it can be done by 3rd parties, see here: