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Can't Find My XPS Laptop Model Number


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Can't Find My XPS Laptop Model Number

  • My XPS Laptop is about 3 years old. I have looked all over the computer & went to my account with Dell.  I have entered my Service Tag but there is no info on the model number.  I need to order a new battery, but need the XPS laptop model number to do so. Is there some trick to finding out the model number.
  • The service tag should lead you to the system details - a 3-year old system is probably the Inspiron XPS (the big, bulky box model).
  • When I enter my service tag I get specs from my laptop, but no model number that I can find in the list.  I bought the XPS laptop in May of 2004.
  • ThomTwo


     Put you service tag into your profile (Please don't put it in a post) and I will look it up for you.

  • Thanks, the service tag is in my profile now
  • It's the original XPS, no other name. Here's a link to the service manual.

  • Thanks Jimmy,
    Do you happen to know what battery I need for the XPS.  The one I have now has the sub-woofer. I see there are some after market batteries that are much cheaper than the ones Dell offers. On the Dell site the Dell batteries don't get very good reviews.
  • Batteries never get good reviews because they are a consumable, people expect them the last forever and that just won't happen. That is why they are only warranted for a year regardless of the system warranty. This is the battery you need,<ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>you will have to migrate the sub-woofer to the new battery.

  • I got the same problem, nothing happens when I enter the serivce tag. Could u please help me to?


    Got xps m1530, bought earlier this year.

  • svelaa


    I can't really do much about a system in Norway, have you tried the Unresolved issues link.

  • Thanx for your quick response, I've just submitted a mesage thru that page.