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Inspiron 1525 freezes


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Inspiron 1525 freezes

  • I bought a brand new Inspiron 1525 and had nothing but problems with it from the moment I turned it on.  It would randomly freeze up.  This happened a few times a day.  After talking with three different Dell support technicians, I was so frustrated that I decided to just return it and get a replacement.  I only had it for about three days.  I ordered the same exact computer again and have had it for about a week now.  It's frozen up four times in the last week (three times today!).  I don't know what the deal is.  This is my second computer with the same exact problem.  Am I the only one experiencing this issue?  I can't link the freezing up to any particular action.  It's completely random.  I don't get any error messages or any type of warning; the screen freezes and nothing responds... the cursor won't move, the clock stops, the whole thing just gets stuck.  I've tried CTRL+ALT+DELETE, but to no avail.  I eventually end up holding down the power button until it shuts off and then restart it and I completely lose whatever I was working on.  It seems to work normally after it's restarted.  However today, it's been freezing up almost continually.  I just had it on for about 5 minutes before it froze up for the third time today.  Any ideas? 


    Inspiron 1525

    Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU  T7250 @ 2.00 GHz

    2.99 GB RAM

    Windows Vista Home Premium


  • What software have you installed onto it since receiving it?

  • Not much...  Yahoo!Messenger and iTunes.  It doesn't seem to be related to my use of any program in particular though.  It seems completely random, seriously.

  • Try reloading the drivers especialy the chipset and video drivers.

  • do you have a wireless connection ? when computer freezes were you using any internet activities ? messengers ? windows update ?

  • Man I have Inspiron 1521 and I have the same problem ... the laptop freezes ... 5-6-10 times a day ...


    I have AMD dual core 2.0, 2 gb ram, Vista...


    If someone can help me I'll apreciate that.



  • Yes, I have a wireless connection; and no, I was not using any specific program or activity.  It's always different.  However, it has not frozen since I posted that message that it had frozen three times that day.  Weird...

  • Weird, since I posted here my laptop freezed just once.


    I think its something with the wireless card or something, because when I switched it off the freezing think is more rare ...



  • My 1525 is doing the same thing... It will freeze at random times...when i move it, when its starting up, when its online, when its doing nothing...beforewindows even starts..... It is really annoying. I am planning on sending it back to dell. Hopefully they can fix whatever the heck is wrong with it... I am a computer tech and i cant even figure out whats wrong.
  • Shanmart08, if they give you some explanation please post it here, because I can't sent the Laptop to them because i'm in Europe and I bought it from USA so it will take a long time and probable money ...

  • well aside from the fact that dell's technical support is horrible, i have not gotten an explanation. Frankly i am sick and tired of dealing with dell support online and getting kicked off a session with one rep and having to get back "in line" and then spend time explaining the exact same thing to another rep only to be disconnected again. Dell support is terrible, and i dont really like dealing with their outsourced service department just to get disconnected! Plus their underpaid service reps are hard to understand because of the thick foreign dialect. So its been two weeks and no answer. I really am fed up with Dell and its support or lack thereof... Ok so now that im done ranting, sorry by the way. But if i find out what the he.ll is up with these freezing 1525s i'll be sure to let you know. Email me your system specs at (the space is an _ ). Maybe we have something in common that could be causing the problem. I would only imagine your frustration to be worse, being you are from overseas. Take care!



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  • Ok, I have a weird theory about what's been going on, with my computer at least... this is probably going to sound really stupid, but is there any chance that another computer near the Inspiron 1525 could interfere with it in some way and cause the freezing?  Here's why: I have a really old Inspiron 2650.  I bought it almost 6 years ago, and it does not have a built-in wireless connection so I have a Netgear card plugged into it to make it wireless.  When the 1525 was on the table an inch from the 2650, it was freezing up a lot... but only when the 2650 was turned on.  I don't know what made me suspicious that the 2650 might be screwing up the 1525, but I decided to move the 1525 to the complete other side of the room just to see what happens.  It hasn't frozen since, and it's been over a week.  I have moved it around the house and still had no problems. I think it's ok as long as it isn't near the 2650 (when the 2650 is turned on).  I haven't had the guts to go put the 1525 right next to the 2650 again to test this theory further because I don't know what kind of damage it might be doing to the 1525 every time it freezes and consequently gets shut down improperly.


    My friend told me that her Dell buzzes every time she talks on her cell phone near it.  Is it possible that some other electronic device (such as my 2650) could be causing the problems with the 1525?  I mentioned the Netgear wireless card that's in the 2650 because I thought maybe it was that particular part of the computer, not necessarily the whole 2650 computer, but I really have no idea.


    I don't know much about computers, obviously, but is my theory even plausible?

  • Well when two laptops with wireless cards are very close together, they "talk". It is a possiblity that its a network card problem. Have you run the Dell diagnostics CD to check your network card? it could be that.

  • No, I haven't done any diagnostics with the a CD.  I've run the Dell PC Check Up 2.0 automated scan on the 1525.  It's already installed on the computer.  I haven't done any diagnostics on the 2650 because it hasn't had any problems.  Although, now that I think about it, the wireless connection on the 2650 has been showing a "low signal strength" unless it's really close to the router.  I didn't really want to replace the Netgear card though because I'm not planning to use that computer very often anymore.  If I had a properly working Netgear card in the 2650, would the two computers be able to "get along with one another"? 

  • well its not the 26xx laptop thats causing problems...its the new one. both computers should talk well. If the new laptop's network card is fishy, it might cause freezing i dont know though haha