D630 doesn't respond in Docking Station


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D630 doesn't respond in Docking Station

  • I have a Dell Docking Station and a D600 Dell Laptop... and the Docking Station works perfectly.  I received a New D630 for work and tried using it in the Docking Station, and it doesn't respond...


    The D630 connects to the Docking Station, shows Power, hit the power to turn it on...monitor comes on, and get to the BIOS Password Screen (my company has on all laptops), and nothing will work... as if the keyboard doesn't respond.  Had to turn the power off, undock, open it and the laptop works fine...


    My Company's IT department told me it "might" be because the D630 only has USB ports, and I have PS2 (Keyboard and Mouse) plugged into the Docking Station... does that sound right??


    Thanks for any help...


  • Boot the laptop into your desktop then dock it that should allow the drivers to load.  or you can dock it with the LCD open and use the reg keyboard and mouse to get in.  I have to do this everytime i set up a new laptop for a user that has a docking station.  It should not matter that your using PS2 keyboard and mouse.  And i believe the docks are identical for the d series latitiudes.  I use the one from my old 600 on my 630 with out any issues.

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  • I resolved the issue, by hooking a USB Keyboard into the laptop, and docking it... then booted up.  Seems to go through a couple of flashes on the monitor, and it started working fine.  The docking station keyboard now works fine.


    Thanks for everyone's help!!