dell 6400 inspron Monitor proplem Msg: Error code 2000-0321. Msg: Unable to detect LCD


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dell 6400 inspron Monitor proplem Msg: Error code 2000-0321. Msg: Unable to detect LCD

  • hello,
    my notebook is in my signature,
    here is my problem, there is a proplem as shown in pic.

    graphics card is a standard one with the intel integrated graphic card (on board i mean). my screen is 15.4' inches but the last 2 inches of the wide screen is just pitch black. Also the screen is very gloomy and not dark even though the screen brightness is max out. the screen must be 1024*800 but in this position it is 1024*768. I ran dignostic test and receive the following LCD message. Error Code 0321. Msg: Error code 2000-0321. Msg: Unable to detect LCD

    i am still thinking if this is a hardware or software problem.
    help me plsssssssssss!!!!



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  • Is there a proper image on an external display?  If so, try reseating the cable that runs between the mainboard and display.  If that doesn't work,  you'll need a new screen.

  • i add the picture of my laptop proplem in my message.



    it is the display of screen when the lcd screen has a proplem (resolution is 1024*768) . but the resolution must be normally 1024*800

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  • Hey I have exactly the same problem. My screens also looks the way your does and I get the error code 2000-0321 in Dell diagnostic.


    Was your problem solved? If yes what was the solution? Please help.

  • once again I disagree with your answer, I have had three screens on this thing at this point and the first one did the same exact thing as the picture, now I have no screen.  I have a backlight working but no screen.  If it's hooked up externally it works just fine.  Reseating the cable numorous times and still nothing.  What other answers do you suggest trying that have worked on prior customers that have had success?

  • The same thing was happening on my Inspiron 1545.  What ended up being wrong was that there was a kink in the LCD ribbon.  I flattened it out and it works perfect again.  Here's the "how-to" to get to the ribbon.  I didn't need to go as far as replacing the cord, so I stopped at step 8.  Hope this helps!