Driver for Location 65535 (Internal High Definition Audio Bus) for vostro 1400 with WinXP


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Driver for Location 65535 (Internal High Definition Audio Bus) for vostro 1400 with WinXP

  • i have vostro 1400 with WinXP(service pac 2 ) installed on it. In Device Manager under other devices there is yellow question mark before 'Modem Device on High Defination Audio Bus'.

    When i click on its properties i found that its driver is not installed. Its location on the machine is 'Location 65535 (Internal High Definition Audio Bus)'.

    I could not find the use of this hardware since my audio is working properly. also i could not find its driver on dell support website.

    I am using internet on network. So i guess it may be modem hardware, but i am not sure.

    Plz help

  • The modem for you system runs off of the same bus as your audio & won't appear until your audio drivers are installed. Sounds like it is your modem device which should be a Conexant HDA D330 MDC. The drivers are available for download from If downloading those drivers don't fix the issue then post back.

  • Do you have sound on your system?

  • Yes i can listen to music on my machine.

  • hi arkinats. it would be great help if you could provide like to this driver for my machine ie vostro1400 with WinXP(Pack 2).


  • Find it here:

    select your computer type or use your tag and look in the networking options.
  • hi all

    i have searched for my machine vostro 1400 with WinXP for driver for component Conexant HDA D330 MDC, in the catagory network. But i could not find any driver for above mention component.Plz Help.

  • Click, read, and download:
  • hi . This link does not help. It leads to modem dignostic tool setup which is already installed on my machine. eventhough i have overwrite my software with this software, still there is yellow question mark before modem device on high defination bus audio. Plz help. Can it be for 6in1 card reader?

  • I have Dell inspiran one computer. no Sound in my computer. It shows no audio device.There is a yellow exclamation mark before conexant pebble high definitionsmart audio.Its location on the machine is Location 65535(Internal high definition audio bus) is missing or corrupted.