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PR01X and D610 Latitude - will not boot / POST fails


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PR01X and D610 Latitude - will not boot / POST fails

  • I've got a PR01X D/Port and use it with a Latitude D610.  I have been using this combination for a few months and recently it failed to boot.
    - the docking station shows a amber lit power button.  When the computer is docked, the light goes OFF.
    - Trying to boot after docking results in blinking cursor at the top left of the screen - POST fails, I can't even enter the BIOS.
    - The laptop boots fine off the dock

    Because the docking station power light goes off, perhaps this means that the dock is dead?
    I tried another power adapter and get the same results (PA-10 (90W)).
    Searched the forum and didn't find that anyone has found the answer to this.

    System setup:
    D610 with 2G ram
    PR01X D/Port
    Windows XP pro
    External Dell monitor
    USB hub
  • I am having the same issue. Did you ever resolve yours or contact Dell?
  • Issue still not resolved.

    I've tried to reload the driver - no results.

    I can't update the firmware on the PR01X because it doesn't connect.

    I've tried to dock someone else's laptop and the power light goes from amber to green.

        - this points to an issue with the laptop in my opinion.


    What bothers me is that this was working fine before, then just quit one day (no software changes when it happened).  Perhaps this may be a hardware issue (motherboard or connector).


    Anyone else have the same problem?  I'd be suprised if no one else has beside us two. 

  • Yes, I am having this problem with a Latitude D630. Can plug other laptops into the dock, no problems. In many cases I've found uninstalling the driver and letting it re-install solves the issue, but I don't know which driver would need to be uninstalled to make this happen.

  • Same problem here, and I too know that it's a problem with my D630 becuase a co-workers machine works just fine in my replicator. For what it's worth, there are NO drivers for the replicator(docking station). I suspect that somehow our hardware profiles have become corrupted, and I fear the only way to fix this is to either repair Windows, or God forbid, reinstall Windows (ugghh). For what it's worth, I've tried everything in the book....restores, resinstalling all of my device drivers, etc. Nothing has cured the problem.