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freezing touchpad


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freezing touchpad

  • Have just taken deliverey of inspiron 1720. Touchpad freezes intermittently. no apperent pattern. During use freezes about 5 secs, then ok again. Intend to phone support Mon. But am I doing anything thick?!


  • I have the same problem Touchpad freezes no apperent pattern 2-3 sec. (dell Vostro 1700, a week old) Contacted dell support, they say I need new video drivers, but it didn't help.


  • I've been battling the same problem on an 1720 I have here for almost 2 months now. The touchpad and buttons will be working fine then stops responding for 2-5 seconds, afterwards returning to normal. Other times a lag will develop between touchpad and figure movement for up to a minute before returning to normal.  The problem seems to be intermittent.

    I've eliminated all the usual suspects (viruses/spyware, corrupt drivers, background processes, dirty touchpad) but the problem persists. I contacted Dell last month and first they suggested to reinstall Vista. I went ahead and performed a fresh install. Thinking that maybe some program was causing the problem, I only installed the latest updates and drivers. Unfortunately, the touchpad acted up. I contacted Dell a second time and they had the palmrest replaced but this did not fix the problem. The system passes the diagnostics.

    Has anyone else had this problem or know of a possible fix? What makes this hard is that, as Patrick77 mentioned, there seems to be no apparent reason for why this happens. Checking the task manager when the problem occurs shows nothing out of the ordinary. 

    Any comments will be appreciated. Thanks,

    EDIT: Clarified problem.

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  • Hello again. Just a quick update.

    Contacted Dell again on Tuesday about this problem and they sent a tech out yesterday (Friday). When the tech was here, asked him the revision numbers of the old and new motherboards. The old one was 'A01' and the new one is now 'A00' and came with BIOS version A05 installed.

    Unfortunately, as I was using the laptop now, the touchpad acted up :smileysad:: lag between touchpad and figure movement, which lasted for about ~30 seconds. I know the motherboards are practically the same but to eliminate any software problems I am going to reinstall Vista. I'll post back with any updates.

  • You're not alone on this one.  I have the same problem.   Thanks for pointing out this thread for me.

  • Hi humin2,

    Glad to help.  Hopefully this problem will get fixed.

    I finished doing a clean install of Vista today with drivers and updates only.  I keep using it and see what happens. 

  • No luck on the clean Vista install.  Back to the drawing board.   :-/

  • Keep trying, I have to travel for a couple weeks so I can't do anything about it until I get back.



  • my touchpad is really bad.

    compared with a similar spec'd e1705 its pathetic. it doesnt have much accuracy or sensitivity despite the adjustments in the software (they do nothing)


    how can dell make such a nice set up and attach a faulty touchpad?

  • humin2 wrote:

    Keep trying, I have to travel for a couple weeks so I can't do anything about it until I get back.


    Have a safe trip. No worries, I'll keep at it. :smileyhappy:

    vitog123 wrote:

    my touchpad is really bad.

    compared with a similar spec'd e1705 its pathetic. it doesnt have much accuracy or sensitivity despite the adjustments in the software (they do nothing)


    how can dell make such a nice set up and attach a faulty touchpad?

    Sorry to hear that. The problem you are having sounds more severe than the occasional freezing/lag although two may be related. Have you tried uninstalling & reinstalling the latest drivers and Dell Touchpad software. Could be the current install is corrupt.

    To uninstall the old software, click on the Windows Orb (assuming you're running Vista) and in the search box, type in Programs and Features and press enter. Scroll down the list and double-click on Dell Touchpad: this will start the uninstaller. Reboot the machine and then download the lastest drivers here: link here.

    If that doesn't work, is the laptop still under warranty? You may just have a bad touchpad and need to get a replacement.

    Good luck and let us know how it works out.

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  • Just touching base to see if there has been any updates on this thread.  I experience the same issues.  The freeze is particularly irritating while working in excel

    Thanks for this tread.  I can not believe that Dell has not put out an update to fix this issue

  • Hello there,


    I kinda forgot about this thread :smileysad: but the good news is I *think* I did find a solution to the problem.


    Did your laptop ship with a 5400 RPM (rotations per minute) hard drive or a 7200 RPM? Reason I ask is that I had another laptop with the same hard drive (brand, model, size) except the RPM was different. The second laptop had a 7200 RPM hard drive in it. For some reason, I decided to switch the drives and put the 7200 RPM one in the Inspiron 1720. I then used Acronis TrueImage 10 to clone the old drive to the new one: no reinstall of Windows. Afterwards, no problems with the touchpad.


    I then took it one step further, and installed the 5400 RPM hard drive in the other laptop, thinking maybe there was a problem with the that particular hard drive. Strange thing was, the touchpad was fine.


    I tested the 7200 RPM hard drive for a few days and the touchpad never had a problem.


    My guess as to why this worked is that the problem must have had something to do with the hard drive buffer and the particular motherboard used in the Inspiron 1720. It may have been that data was being buffered faster than the drive could read/write. Or maybe it had something to do with the firmware of the 5400 RPM drive. Only guesses though.


    I wish there was another solution such as a simple driver update, but thus far, this is only solution I have found that works. And I see Dell still has not upgraded the drivers since I looked last.






  • That is an interesting theory.  I've found that it got a little better by upgrading to Vista SP1.

  • Thanks for sharing, I haven't installed SP1 yet. That does make more sense since the 5400 RPM drive worked in the other laptop. A software fix would be a cheaper and easier than buying another hard drive. Maybe someday Dell will release an updated driver.




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  • I am having similar problems with the Touchpad on my 1720, but it is pretty bad!  In my case am running Windows XP, so this problem does NOT appear to isolated to Vista.  Cursor often lags finger movements, sometimes badly.  Sometimes cursor only wants to move vertically when I am moving finger horizontally or vice-versa.  Also (and this is *really* weird) sometimes there is an odd and fairly loud "thumping" sound that seems to be eminating from the vicinity of the touchpad, and seems to be worst when the touchpad is misbehaving severely.  This could actually be coming from the speakers, but I haven't been able to tell for certain as of yet.


    All of this is occuring with a clean install of Windows XP plus all recommended updates from Microsoft, and latest hardware drivers for XP from the Dell web site.  In regard to the potential hard drive and nVidia video relationships mentioned elsewhere in this thread, I am running two 320 GB 7200 rpm drives, so it isn't just a 5400 rpm drive issue, and my machine has the Intel chipset video, so it isn't just an nVidia driver issue.


    Any other ideas???  These problems are *extremely* annoying, so much so that as of this moment I am very disappointed in my purchase of this machine, and am seriously considering trading it in for something else!!!