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E1705 goes on then off quickly


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E1705 goes on then off quickly

  • Dell inspiron 9400/E1705

    140GB HD

    2GB Ram

    256MB Nvidia Geforce go7800


    The LCD on this notebook was cracked and non-functional but worked with external display attached. So i decided to sell it on ebay. The person who bought it then claimed the vga-out didnt work and asked for a refund and sent it back.


    Upon recieving the notebook, I plugged it in, green led on ac adapter turns on, plugged adapter into notebook. Battery led on notebook flashes every 20 seconds or so like normal, when i hit the power button on the notebook, no sound, no fans, no video, the power led comes on for about 3 seconds then turns off. I have noticed that the battery is making a hissing or buzzing noise when inserted.


    I have the feeling this buyer was messing around inside. What could cause this problem and is it fixable, otherwise im out a whole lotta cash



    I read to try messing around with the ram. So I removed both 1GB ram chips, tried just one of them and when i hit power, it turned on, the fans spun and hard drive clicked, and the capslock and scroll lock flashed but i noticed the ram chip was becoming extremely hot, also i was unable to turn off the notebook unless i unplugged or removed the battery. The computer would not do anything with both ram chips installed.


    *** So does this mean it is a system board problem or a ram problem. I have taken the notebook apart and have put it back together, nothing appears fried or burnt. How could something like this just suddenly go

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