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Touchpad settings return to default on restart?


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Touchpad settings return to default on restart?

  • I purchased a new XPS M1530 recently and am having problems with the touchpad settings. I also have installed a logitech bluetooth mouse. both work fine. the problem is that when ever you make a setting change to the touchpad (ex. speed) and you restart the laptop the settings on the touchpad return to default.


    I was on with dell chat last night and after 2 hours of installing and re-installing the touchpad drivers, chipset drivers and a bios flash, to no avail, the dell support person wants me to believe that resetting the laptop to the original factory setting (reformatting the drive) will solve the issue.


    I do not believe this will solve the issue, and it appears that some other forums that address this issue appear to me that this is a straight up design/software flaw.


    Can the wisdom of this forum advise me on what to do?  I do not want to re-install my complete computer and I believe I can live with the default setting on the touchpad.


    Thank you in for any answers, in advance.


    Billy R.

  • Do NOT re-install your OS for this issue.


    I'm 95% sure this is going to be an issue with Logitech's Setpoint software.  You don't need to neccessarily uninstall the software, though.


    Click on Start, then type in msconfig where it says "start search" and hit Enter.


    Then go to the startup tab and uncheck anything that says KHALMNPR (there are two entries I believe) or Logitech Setpoint.


    Then restart and see if it still gets reset to default!

  • Dr. Wednesday, that works perfectly well. Good catch.


    The touchpad now KEEPS it's configured settings. The Blue tooth mouse also works but without the Logitech setpoint program, obviously. We now know where the problem lies.


    But I am at a loss on how to get the full functionality of both the touchpad and the setpoint software at the same time. I wonder if it is even possible. Any ideas?


    I also wonder if it's even necessary, because the mouse does in fact point, scroll & click. The only part of the setpoint software I might miss is the connection wizard because occasionally the connection between mouse and BT radio severs and needs to be found.


    Thank you for your help and your quick and accurate response. Better than the dell tech I might add.

  • Glad to know my hunch was correct :)


    It's not necessary at all for the mouse's functionality.  AFAIK the Logitech software likes to control ALL mouse speeds, so when it boots up it forces Quickset to reset the touchpad's speed...  Don't think there's going to be any way to really get them to work harmoniously.

  • I think I may have answered my own question.


    After the computer restarts all I did was acknowledge that the prefered touchpad settings are intact and then manually, from the Start menu start the logitech setpoint software, which now runs fine, the setpoint sftwr and the KHLMNPR are both running with the correct settings along with the touchpad.


    I wonder however if I'm being set up for the big boom, lol, as this is somewhat of a clumsy workaround.

  • Your hunch was correct. And I thank you again for saving me from some delltech who just wants to log some hours.


    Your Assumptions make perfect sense to me. And you are probably correct in thinking that "Don't think there's going to be any way to really get them to work harmoniously." At least not until their is world peace :)


    Peace, Billy