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driver - O2Micro CCID SC Reader

  • I have Dell Latitude D630 with Windows XP.

    In device manager, this is showing up under "other devices".

    O2Micro CCID SC Reader


    Which driver should i download to correct this?

  • that's most likely your dell webcam...
  • I don't think i have a Dell webcam. If so, i'm unaware of it.

    I also noticed that in device manager, my "pcmcia adapter" says generic. what driver is used for this?

  • ok, try this driver.

  • that worked. thanks.
  • np
  • ese no es ningun problem, el O2MICRO CCID SC READER, Hace referencia al controlador del lector de tarjetas... con gusto

  • go to drivers and downloads on, then locate your service tag and look your drivers up by that. The driver you are looking for is under 'security' . Here is the current link:

    Expand the 'Security' section and you will find your driver at or near the bottom.

    Cheers! :)

  • O2Micro CCID SC Reader

  • hi

  • d620 driver 02micro ccid sc reader