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Unalbe to use XPS M1530 finger print scanner


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Unalbe to use XPS M1530 finger print scanner

  • I'm tring to confingure my fingerprint bio scanner for my XPS 1530 and am unable to select any choices in the fingerprint reading suites settings all the choices are "grayed out" even though my account has admin rights.

  • Go to the control center of the fingerprint suite.


    There is a sentence with a guard sign at the left that says: "Elevate administrative privilages for user"


    Click on it and click continue.


    Now you should be able to modify the System Settings.


    Hope this helps



  • Thanks for the tip!...my print scanner is working properly

  • Just purchased a m1330 with vista.  i click on the fingerprint reader suite and it starts the enrollment wizard, but the scanner doesnt respond to swipes.  Never used one before.  Does the scanner need to be "turned on" somehow?  Should there be a glow or light from the scan area (there isnt).  I cannot find a "control center" of the fingerprint suite...it just opens the wizard.