Dell vostro - Enable built in webcam?


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Dell vostro - Enable built in webcam?

  • Hi there, can you please tell me procedurally how to enable and use the built in webcam on the Vostro with XP for taking photos.


    I cannot seem to enable/start the camera.

  • Anyone???
  • What model?  Did you opt for the webcam (they aren't standard)?

  • As it is for a friends laptop, I cannot remember the model number but I know it is a Vostro... possible 1400/1500.  It does however have the built in webcam and I can't seem to find out how to activate it in order to take photos.


    Is there software which needs to be installed?

  • Should be a camera icon in the notification area(lower right).It's all spelled out in the manual.
  • you need to start the dellweb cam center software.
    it's under programs>dell
  • Hi !

    I purchased Dell Laptop Vostro 13 series.

    Is any one aware of the function to switch on / enable ' web camera' function.. 

    if yes please let me know.. i will be grateful