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How to display both LCD projector and laptop screen

  • I have an inspirion 6000 and I just got a Toshiba LCD projector.  When I hook it up it will display the LCD image but then my laptop screen turns black (normally works OK except when I change to LCD with F8).  Is there any way to set the display to see BOTH?  Thanks!
  • There should be three toggle postions using the Fn F8 key.  Computer LCD Only - LCD & Projector - Projector Only.  I find that you need to wait several seconds between each press of the FnF8 key combination for the effect to take place.  If you don't wait long enough, you will just bypass the setting your are trying to apply.
  • That is helpful but I did try it several times.  In the middle section with both, the screen is blank and I found that if I send my pointer way to the right off my laptop screen, it will show up on the LCD, like the LCD were showing a dual screen to the right of my regular screen or something.  I tried moving the settings on the LCD to the right, but that doesn't work either.  I would appreciate any other thoughts. . .
  • It sounds like you have it set up to extend your desktop to the other monitor.  Right click an empty space on your desktop, select Propertties, then go to the Settings tab.  Select Monitor 2 and uncheck the box next to "Extend my Windows Desktop to this monitor. 
    If that doesn't fix it, try reducing the resolution on your LCD to a resolution setting that is lower and closer to that of the projector.   Do this while connected to the projector. 
    For some reason, I have found that every projector and computer combination offers different challenges to get this to work.
  • Thank you.  I was able to mess with the properties until it worked.  Will I be able to do it again???? That's another question.