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XPS M1530 Vista Startup

  • Hello, I just got my new XPS M1530 with the "Best" configuration. 3Gig ram 250HD etc. My question is what do you guys turn off at the startup menu (and is this done like in XP through MSCONFIG)? Or what do you have running in the taskbar? Even with a lot of memory, large hard drive and fast processor, it still seems a bit slow at startup. Any suggestions on stuff to uninstall or turnoff at startup? Thanks Deano
  • get a sd-card and use it for readyboost. the applications at startup will load way faster that way. Message Edited by realadry on 01-15-2008 03:22 PM

    Message Edited by realadry on 01-15-2008 03:22 PM
  • I use MSCONFIG with vista still - helps a lot. Disable/enable what you feel you need.

    I also uninstall things like Google Desktop that I don't use.

    Readyboost probably won't benefit you seeing as you have 3GB of ram and even the 5400rpm HDD is pretty quick.

    If you do use it make sure you use an enhanced for Readyboost memory stick or very fast SD card as using a standard SD memory card can actually significantly reduce system performance as it pauses to read/write from the card. Windows will always test if your device is fast enough to support readyboost before letting you use it but enhanced for readyboost usb sticks are much better as they are optimised for random access where as SD cards are usually optimised for sequential write which is what is needed for photo cameras and other devices so don't perform as well. The advantage of the SD card is that it doesn't stick out of the side of your laptop but in general on your set up I wouldn't recommend it.

    Best course is disable any apps you don't need. Tell windows sidebar not to start with windows and then only start it when you need/want it and maybe consider installing Service Pack 1 (see my forum post about this).
  • Thanks for the information. I will get into MSCONFIG and see what I can turn off. Dean
  • I know this isn't answering your question, but can you tell me when you ordered your machine and when it arrived?  I ordered the "best" 1530 as well.  Just curious to when it might arrive?  Thanks for any help! 
  • I ordered it on Thursday the 3rd and received it on Wednesday the 9th. Pretty fast as far as I was concerned. It wasn't supposed to get here until the 11-15. The laptop came on one day and the lojack came the next day. Pretty happy with it so far, I just want to install Vista Business and Virtual PC so that I can do some remote desktop stuff. Dean
  • I oredered mine the same day.  I did order it with the 1440 X 900 res. screen.  I think that might be the hold up.  Maybe I'll get to play with it toward the end of the week.