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Inspiron E1505 hinge problem


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Inspiron E1505 hinge problem

  • One of the hinges on my E1505 notebook seems to be failing and is spreading open the cover at the corner.  My unit is out of warranty but when I call the 'out of warranty' number, they want $49 just to talk to them.  Does Dell have authorized independent repair services in my area and, if so, how can I locate one?  I don't mind paying for a repair but would like some info on local repair options or am willing to send the device to Dell for repair.
  • You can order the hinges from here:

    and replace them yourself:

    If you can't do the job yourself, find a good local repair shop (NOT the Geek Squad, Firedog, etc.) - they should be able to do the job for an hour's labor charge.
  • How do you get the back off to replace hinges?
  • Did you look at the service manual that was linked in the original reply?
  • Hey smlranger, I have the same problem. The lcd cover is snapping up from right corner of the laptop when I close the lid. When the lid is open, the lcd cover aligns fine with the lcd. I am not sure if this is due to hinge or lcd cover. I called Dell and they agreed to repair in $199 within 7-10 days, since I am out of warranty. I tried the local computer renaissance but were of no use. Planning to do some research on it by opening it up and replacing it on my own, once I find if it's hinge or lcd cover. Any progress at your front ?
  • About once every 6 months, I have to pop the button cover (E1505) off and tighten the hinge screws. Last time I did, I used a small drop of medium thread lock (the blue kind). On the back, (on mine) there was two stickers covering the other hinge screws. Might want to check those also. :)
  • I used the links above to get new hinges and a new bezel.  I used the manual to get instructions to remove display and bezel.  I was able to remove the right hinge without undoing the wiring as lised in the manual.  It worked out pretty easy - cost under 50$
  • I just started having the same problem yesterday.  I pulled out my warranty information to see if it is covered and the paperwork states I have a 4 year Limited Warranty (I purchased 2 years ago).  Dell's website states that the "Limited Warranty covers your PC for defective parts and workmanship".  Feeling as though this is a defective part/workmanship, I contacted Dell's warranty department.  I was told by a rep and his supervisor that these things do not just break and it is not covered under the limited warranty.  They both rudely stated that it would be covered under the CompleteCare Accidental Damage Service, but since I did not purchase it is not covered.  I stated that this was not accidental damage and that the part is defective.  They asked if it was like that when I got it and I said "no".  They said "then it is not defective" it is damaged and they will not cover.  After reading that others are having the exact problem, this reaffirms for me that this is a defect.  Dell stated that they would happily diagnose the problem for me for $498.  That is ridiculus and I have lost complete respect for Dell.  Has anyone had this same experience?
  • Hey I dont know if you fixed your problem or not, but for others I wanted to respond. I had the same problem with my 600m and the problem could be the actual hinge being broken in half, mine was and not from damage, but just wear and tear from very easy use. The thing would be simple to replace.  CAREFULLY pry off the plastic hinge cover from the right then over slowly to the left. ( I just replaced a keyboard in an E1505 Inspiron. ) Anyway..there is a metal hinge behind that. Two screws out, new hinge on, be sure it is straight, screw down the new screws and voila, no more separation. CAREFULLY put the plastic hinge cover back.  Probably be able to get those hinges on ebay..


    hope it helps

  • Hello,

    I'm having a problem with the hinge seperating the cover and the lcd screen. I did what you suggested about how to get into it and unscrew the screw. The problem I have now is how do I get the hinge out once the screw is out, and without breaking the screen or cover? Can you please help me?

    Thank you,


  • I haven't called Dell about it yet because our laptop is out of warranty, but our hinge is having the same issue.  It seems as though a lot of people are having this problem.  I have an IBM T400 Thinkpad for my job and it seems it's of much better quality than our Dell laptop.  I'm extremely disappointed in the amount of money we spent on our Dell and it's falling apart.  I'll never buy another Dell product.

  • good luck with this post.  I've had multiple posts removed from the moderators without any explaination because I was trying to identify a trend with the bad design of the hinges.

    I've recently replaced mine and it was a breeze, now everything works like it was new but shame on Dell.


    ps. if a moderator would like to contact me directly, please do so because I would love to express my opinions about this.



  • I have this same problem, ordered hinges for under $10 online but in my case it wasnt actually the hinges that was the problem. There is a small metal? piece that the top part of the hinge screws into with 2 screws that is in the lid. This piece also has one screw holding it in place from the side and on the back of it are 3 little metal prongs that align with 3 holes in the metal frame in the cover. The prongs on this piece apparently are not very high quality because one of them on the right side of mine is snapped off and gone and one on the left side is half sheered off. I have been trying to find some sort of identification for these pieces to get replacements but so far no luck. Hopefully this lends a little to the conversation.

  • Those parts are not sold separately.  This is what needs to be replaced:


  • I am having the same issue with that one small part.  Do we really have to buy a whole new cover to resolve the issue?  Seems ridiculous.  I cannot even find what that part is called.  I already replaced the hinges to no avail.  That was a waste of money, they cost me $22, only to discover they are not the real problem.