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Touch pad won't scroll vertical or horizonal.

  • I can't get my touch pad to scroll up and down on the arrows or in the middle anymore. It's an Inspiron 6000. Did something get clicked or unclicked somewhere? Can you help me fix it or find a download for it? I tried the Help and Support in the Dell Center on my computer, but "touchpad" didn't register. I've even been in the mouse section of the control panel. Need help! It's hard to be on the computer and use 2 hands while holding a baby. Please help.
  • I was having the same problem with my Inspiron 1521 touchpad - it seemed to just stop scrolling vertically and horizontally.
    I realized that it would start doing this after putting my notebook in 'suspend' mode (instead of shutting down) and the scrolling will not work again until a reboot. 
    If you are putting yours in suspend mode, I would try a reboot or shutdown/restart to resolve the scrolling issue. 
  • I have similar problems once in a while.

    Inspiron 1521 Useless-Vista SP1

  • Thanks for your idea. It doesn't go into that mode that I know of. I started after my brother installed a new Dell harddrive for an upgrade. I used Microsoft XP. I feel totally lost. Is there a box that is checked or unchecked somewhere? A link or download that I don't know about?
    Thanks though,
  • Settings for the touchpad are not listed in the Mouse properties in the Control Panel after a clean XP installation UNLESS/UNTIL the Touchpad driver is installed.

    See the Support link at the top (right) of the this page and follow it to the drivers for your system.

  • Thanks! I went to the driver/downloads for the Inspiron 6000. I found the drivers, but they only thing that applied closely was the mouse. Then, when I went there, it only talked about the mouse and not the touchpad. In the mouse area, it was the "GlidePoint/StickerPoint" and the "Preium Optical Mouse". I'm not sure, but I don't think those apply to the touch pad. Do they? Any ideas? I feel computer-stupid about this minor thing, but I need help. Thanks!
    gaytha ; )
  • Oh yeah, sorry, I believe it's the Alps GlidePoint touchpad used in many Dell notebooks of that vintage. Previous generations used a Synaptics (brand or model?), and they may be onto something else now.

    I'm not sure if the pointing stick is the same brand, or if the driver just covers both devices, but the driver should give you some extra settings in the Mouse menu.

  • Thank you GM!! I downloaded the driver to the Alps thing. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything in it about the touchpad and scroll. I'll keep searching. Anymore thoughts....send them to me!
    Thanks for thinking of me!!
  • WoooHoooo!!!!!!!!! It works!!! Yay!! Thank you suggesting the download and driver thing. After I restarted my computer today, it was back in working order!!!! Thank you so much. The simple things in life make a big difference!!
    Happy New Year!
  • :)
  • I still have the problem.

    I have to put the laptop in and out of hybernation (or reboot) to get the scroll to work on the pad.