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Black Screen after Loading, Safe Mode Works


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Black Screen after Loading, Safe Mode Works

  • Hello:

    To start off, I have a Dell 600m Inspiron Laptop (windows xp) that recently started to go to a black screen after the Windows loading screen. It stays black, theres no mouse cursor, it just stays like that never changing. I can press f8 in before the loading and go to safe mode, which loads okay.

    I've been looking around and trying multiple things to solve this to no avail. I've pressed F8 at the intro and tried to boot from the last working configuration and I tried a few system restore points.

    Any help would be great.

    Thanks. Andrew

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  • have you tried to select " VGA mode" when you press F8 during boot up? it sounds like a video card issue with the software not loading up maybe or also could corrupted i know my sister laptop did that and i was able to go into  vga to show basic colors and reload the software. also if you have a External CRT or LCD monitor, plug it up to the back of the laptop and see when you get the black screen on the boot if it will show on the external monitor as well. if it does then the built video board may be going bad and it shows on the external monitor and not on the LCD screen then it could be the LCD not acting right.
  • Black screen on a normal boot and safe mode boot is OK = Video driver problem.

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  • yes that sounds like it, there should be updated video drivevrs for that model laptop in question
  • seen this twice recently on similar models with no good fix to report. both cases involved replacing LCD &/or video card. booting to normal Windows mode yields no video after Win splash screen.

    most recent case... i downloaded video driver (Nvidia) form DELL Support site, booted to Safe Mode, uninstalled video driver, installed downloaded package, restart in Normal mode & again got no video, returned to Safe Mode, disabled Nvidia driver, returned to Normal mode & had video with good resolution but the refresh rate or something else seemed a bit off.

    not much help, i know. in both cases DELL Support wanted the customer to call in to be guided thru an OS reinstall.

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  • Hey.
    Do you guys think that reinstalling the OS will fix the booting problems??? I've spent too much time with this and want a quick fix. Plus there's nothing really on the cpu that needs to be backed up or anything.
    Another question: If I can't find my XP cd can I just do an upgrade to Vista??
  • I personally would boot into safe mode and delete the video adapter then reboot into normal mode to install a known good driver.
  • check your mailbox for a message from me
  • I've had this exact problem on my Inspiron 1420.


    Tried 3 different drivers from nvida and dell all with the same result. (well, one got to the point with a horizontal line across the screen and two blinking dots)


    I did a full restore back to factory default and got the black screen again so did a clean install of windows on top and that booted with SVGA as the graphics driver.


    I have posted the bootlog for my PC in the video category.