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Dell Inspiron b130

  • The problem i am having is i cannot boot to my OS all of a sudden it just stops at a screen with an error that says
    Unmountable Boot Volume
    Any ideas the laptop is about 3 years old but was working fine and all of a sudden i got this also it does seem to be running very hot on the bottom.
  • The hard drive has failed. To confirm, power on, press F12, and load the Dell diagnostic partition. Run an extended test of the hard drive (it'll test the fan as well -- if the fan isn't working and the system overheated, that can easily destroy the hard drive in short order).
  • Right now we are running the test cannot boot to os and it is checking all the possible symptoms we will try the extended test after any other thing it could be besides that also if we put in the cd and restart from scratch will that help or not
  • It is almost certainly a failed hard drive.
  • would it be worth fixing or just buy a new laptop since it is 3 years old
  • If it's just a hard drive, it's well worth fixing; they're inexpensive to replace (from $50 or so for an 80G 5400 rpm drive).
  • does dell have to do it or can i have a qualified computer tech install it what is the cheapest way to go about it i know a few people that own computer repair businesses
  • Installing the drive is trivial; you then have to reload the operating system, which is tedious and time consuming but not difficult.
  • if you have never taken a laptop apart should you try to do it yourself or just have a computer tech do it what is all involved i know in a desktop it is easy but laptops are harder to work on
  • should i get the hard drive from dell or just buy one from a retailer
  • You can buy any 2.5", 9.5 mm EIDE drive, 120 G or smaller wherever you wish - Dell's prices are often higher than or

    If you buy from Dell, do not buy a "Refurbished" drive - you won't get the full warranty on it.
  • thanks for all your help very much appreciated when i replace the hard drive should that fix the whole issue or did something else cause it to fail it seems the fans are fine but when i had the laptop on i felt where the hard drive was an it was extremely hot so that probably explains why it failed
  • Grab your data before you dump the drive. This can help you save a few bucks. Give this a shot: I got the same message on my Inspiron 8600 and Dell did replace my HD which was under warranty. However, you are on your own regarding your data, and tech support won't tell you how to do the above. Microsoft's site is a joke on this issue as well. They tell you to setup 6 boot DISKS. Who the heck has a floppy drive nowadays!! After following those instructions in the above link, I was about to download all my data from the defective hard drive. After fixing this, my advice is to buy a new hard drive. You don't want to play around with your data my friend!!! Good luck!!!