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New clean install of Windows XP

  • Hey I recently formatted my harddrive of my Dell Inspiron 9400. Now I'm trying to reinstall win XP sp2 from the CD I got with the laptop, but in the windows setup, when it is copying files, I'm getting lots of messages of missing files. those are the files (check end of post) I got the error message with, after those I just stopped the install on the second time I was installing windows. (I finished the installation for the first time but it didn't launch windows) my laptops spec is: Dell Inspiron 9400 Intel T2300 Duo Core @ 1.66 1024 mb Ram ATI Mobility Radeon x1400 if this info isn't sufficient, please ask away and ill try to provide as much additional information as I will be able to. list of files (looks ugly and unreadable in the middle of the post): nvraid.dll nvraid.inf nvcoi.dll idecoi.dll iastor.inf iaahci.inf hraidsk1 a320raid.inf a320mgt.inf raidisk1 cercsr6.inf cercmgt.inf cerccin.dll aichmgt.inf aarich.inf Message Edited by szymonescu on 11-20-2007 03:51 PM Message Edited by szymonescu on 11-20-2007 03:53 PM

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  • szymonescu,
    In almost all cases, if you have errors copying files during a Windows XP install, you will find that the cause is failing memory (RAM).  If your system has more than one stick of RAM, remove one stick and try to do the installation with only one.  If it fails, swap it out for the other stick of memory.  Be sure that the RAM is completely seated in the slot when you latch it down.  Let us know what you find.
  • Also I have seen this with a bad file system on the hd. Do not format the hd before installing XP it's not needed. Create the new partition with the XP setup and let XP format during the install. Most likely this will fix the problem.
  • thanks for the replies guys, but i have alrady formatted my hdd not knowing how many probles this will cause. is there any way to either rebuild those folders that setup needs to copy files from or to show setup where the files are? (on dell xp setup cd, in i386 dir) the paths in txtsetup.sif file are like 1,,,,,,,303,0,0,0 and apart from the 303 i cannot read where the files should be
  • szymonescu,
    Doing the install by letting Windows XP, re-creating the system partition will automatically format the hard drive anyway, so having already formatted the hard drive is not contributing to your problems.  If you have the Windows XP CD, complete the installation from the CD.  If you are having problems when the system is "copying files", try the suggestions above regarding memory to help complete the installation.

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  • Hi,
    Hope you dont mind if I jump in here, but I also need to reinstall everything on my laptop.  Is there a "proper" procedure for reinstalling the OS, Mediadirect?  I won't be using PC Restore by Symantec.  This is a reinstall which I acutally must use all the CDs that Dell gave me to reinstall everything.  Reason: this is the only way to resolve my Mediadirect issue after having searched high anad low for answers. 
    With regards to reinstalling everything fresh on a hard drive, I've heard people talk about "clean" install and "dirty" install.  Is formatting the hard drive first the best way to go before putting in any CD and then installing eveyrthing?  My Windows XP Home Edition OS has been buggy as well, so I thought that formatting the hard drive first, then using the reinstallation OS CD that Dell gave me might be the way to go.  Thanks for any advice on this. 
  • Many people confuse the term FORMAT with installing the OS.  Since XP should use the NTFS file system, formatting the hard drive before running the XP install is not necessary. In some instances it can affect the XP install and cause problems. This is usually due to altering the MBR and file system by formatting the hard drive with FAT32 system.
    If the Dell CD's are restore CD's just put them in per instructions and let it go. If you are using an XP CD's, then the driver CD's, delete the old partition during the XP install...recreate it and then procede with the XP installation. Just follow the prompts XP gives you during the installation.
    When XP install completes install the chipset drivers 1st then all the other drivers.