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Battery Light Blinking Green/Red? Low Battery Health?

  • Hey, So yesterday when I plugged in my laptop to charge, it started blinking 4 short red blinks and 1 long green blink on the battery light? If I pull the battery the light obviously goes away. Also, if I go into the BIOS it tells me that the battery is approaching the end of it's life, even though it lasts just as long now as it always has? Is this "battery health" warning the cause of the blinking red/green battery light? Is there anyway to reset this if this is the problem? Thanks in advance DallasW
  • Hadn't learned of any reset other than trying to refresh the battery itself by pressing and holding the test button several seconds until all lights are shown (it blinks 1, 3, 5 lights first).
    That's if your battery is like mine from the Inspiron 8*00 series, not sure about others. Can't remember about my BIOS setup having a refresh or not (too lazy to shut down and look), does have battery meter(s) in there I know. And Windows Power control panel didn't help fix the blinking 4 orange/1 green light.
    I know mine's gone bad since it's several years old (mainly used it for backup power in case AC is lost). I mistakenly let it drain overnight once late last year, not getting a charge again until the next day afterward.
    I still get a 5 to 10 minute reserve when needed and it was actually able to give 20 minutes of power when this started happening. Not buying a new battery, time for a new notebook. BTW, think it's still true that these batteries should be kept fully charged when idle and not sit around drained.

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  • Just happened to me.  My Insipiron 9300 user manual says this means the battery is too hot to charge.  I elevated my laptop with a few books, enabling more air to reach the bottom of the box, and the flashing lights stopped.  But I think this old battery is about done.