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Inspiron 5150 Dead; "Power" & "Battery" lights just flicker


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Inspiron 5150 Dead; "Power" & "Battery" lights just flicker

  • Specs (what I can remember):

    Dell Inspiron 5150
    Windows XP
    100GB HD
    2GB RAM

    I bought this laptop online and it arrived and didn't identify the HD...purchased a new 100GB HD...still nothing...took it to a shop & they fixed it...they wouldn't tell me what they did...I'm thinking a CMOS Battery or something simple...but it worked fine for several months.

    I noticed that the Battery Life was TERRIBLE and got worse almost on a daily got to the point that a FULLY charged battery only held 15 min of power. I also noticed that while the 5150 was connected to the charger, my sound would crackle, hiss, pop, etc, but as soon as the charger was removed and the unit was running on Battery Power, the sound was just fine. I just figured that the Battery was old and both the Battery Life & the Sound issue was caused by the battery (maybe whiskers or whatever) and possibly the charger. I bought a new Battery AND a new Charger.

    I left the unit OFF for several days until the new battery arrived. I installed the battery & allowed it to charge OVERNIGHT before powering-up the 5150. In the morning, it would not power-on. I removed the battery, installed the old battery...NOTHING...removed the battery, and tried to power-on using only the charger...I tried ALL Battery/No Battery/Charger combinations possible and still nothing.

    When I plug-in the charger, 2 of the 3 lights on the front flicker (the "Power" and the "Battery" lights) (I'm going to guess about 10 times per second). They flicker NON-STOP FOREVER, until the charger is removed, at least. The lights will flicker REGARDLESS of whether or not the battery is installed. Sometimes, when I plug-in the unit, those same lights will FLASH simultaneously several times and then the flickering begins.

    The No-Load Voltage of the Charger is 19.6V. I don't know how to check the voltage of the battery as there are several "slots" where the pins are inserted.

    I already know that the DEFAULT answer is going to be "The Motherboard is Bad"! What is Bad about it? Is this something that Dell is responsible for?

    Thanks in advance,
  • Any number of things can be wrong with the system board - starting with the high-power circuitry on it. Unfortunately, because boards are so tightly integrated, repair is just about impossible.

    While there was an extension of the warranty on these by one year, that ended on 9/30/2007, so if you have it repaired (and a mainboard will run you $400, which makes little sense on this model), it's your bill.
  • What's the latest on the Law-suit against Dell that I heard about concerning this and other similar issues on a wide-scale basis?

    My laptop has been broken since ~June...Just sitting around! I was NEVER notified by Dell that there was a Warranty Extension...I have been registered on this site since sometime in mid-2006 when I bought this Laptop.
  • hi jshmehr
    I remember having a similar problem when i was repairing my 5150 when i had the problems where i had the power light and amber battery light flashing simutainiously. what i found is that on a pa-12 and pa-13 charger the voltages are exactly the same however if you compair the current rating located next to the voltage rating on both the old and new charger it is possible that the current on your new charger is insufficiant to power your 5150. in order for the laptop to power up/charge the battery the charger must supply the 5150 with atleast 6.7 amps of current. less than that will cause the LED flashes you're seeing.
    Hope this helps

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  • That sounds pretty unusual...prob some kind of krazy Dell non-sense. Thanks for the response...that's definately good to know. I just checked my's rated @ 6.7A (130W) so this shouldn't be the cause of my misery! I kinda wish it was though...that would definately be a cheap, easy fix! Josh
  • I do agree with ejn that there could be a number of things wrong and it could very well be that the main board is stuffed. what seems to stand out though is that because the power and battery lights are flikering rather than flashing on and off and if both the battery and charger are brand new it could be that the AC connector has come loose some how and is only tapping the contacts, and also seems to be a very common problem on systems with this type of connection
  • OK...I'll open up the Unit & Check the Solder Connection...this kinda seems like a long-shot...but it's worth a try as the computer is just laying around right now!
  • Just got one from Goodwill that's doing the same thing.  Came with a 3.4 amp charger.  Plugged a 4.6 amp charger in and flickering stopped.  Now, on to the next problem...power light on but black screen.