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Does the Latitude D430 internal SD slot supports 8GB SDHC cards?

  • Hi
    Just bought a Sandisk 8GB SDHC card, popped it in the SD slot of the Latitude D430 and the OS does nothing to recognize it.
    It does recongnize a 2GB SD though, after popping it in the OS asks what would I like to do with it.
    My system has Windows XP SP2 32 bit with at least most available patches up to a month ago.
    I did have to reinstall original Windows XP that came with this laptop (if this info is of any use).
    Is this failure to recognize such a card hardware or software related?
    Is there a hardware driver or Windows XP patch for this?
    A link to any of the above is appreciated.
  • there's an XP hotfix published by microsoft if you google that hotfix you can also get it from other sites