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Charging battery and high CPU usage - Help!


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Charging battery and high CPU usage - Help!

  • I just picked up a new notebook and am having a weird problem with high CPU usage.
    When I run on battery power there is no problem. CPU usage is fine and I can use applications as I would expect.
    As soon as I plug in the AC charger the CPU usage jumps up to 20-40% and if I open IE it jumps to 90-100%. It takes more than 30 seconds for a window to open. Using any application is incredibly sluggish. If I unplug the charger the problem goes away immediately.
    Any help appreciated.
    Specs below:

    Inspiron 6400 Pentium Dual Core T2130 (1.86Ghz, 1MB L2 Cache, 533Mhz)

    Windows XP SP2

    2 GB RAM

  • bump...
    Have been in touch with Dell Support.
    Have tried repair with Win XP CD
    Have done a restore back to setup that was shipped
    Have re-installed the BIOS
    Have performed a Full Diagnostic (using F12 at boot up) - Passes all tests
    Still have the problem...
    Has anyone else ever experienced this?