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Invalid configuration Inspiron 1520


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Invalid configuration Inspiron 1520

  • The 1520 would not turn on. No indicator lights at all. With fully charged battery and adaptor, with battery only, and with adaptor only. I replaced the mobo, and the system now powers up, but I get message on it's LCD screen: Invalid configuration - please boot to setup (F2) I get the same message after failing to reboot to setup (F2) It will not boot to PXE Boot either after using F12. I still get Invalid configuration. I have removed the system from the download server using the PXE Boot application , creating a new SDR record, making a new bar file, and running Stepmaker again. The Configuration Validator says that the configuration is good., but the 1520 reports the configuration to be Invalid. I have also used esc, and F1 thr F12 to no avail. I Replaced the keyboard with a known good one, so it is not a keyboard issue.
  • several custions you have an inspiron 1520?
    what operating system you are using?
    try these and let me know wha happend.

    To run the PSA diagnostics Short Drive Self Test (DST), perform the following steps:

    1. Press and hold the <Fn> key, and then press the power button to power the system on.

    2. Release both buttons and the PSA diagnostics sequence begins.

    3. Follow any on-screen instructions.

    4. Record the sequence of beeps and make note of any error codes that may appear on the display.

  • The 15290 is running Vista home premium. I looked at again saturday night, but forgot about steps 1, thru 4. I removed the HDD, and still get the same message, so I do not think it is an OS issue, unless Vista is embedding something in the firmware, or CMOS. Does Vista Do that? Will look at the 1520 Monday night.