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HELP typing cursor keeps moving to the left


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HELP typing cursor keeps moving to the left

  • Computer Specs:
    Dell Inspiron 6000
    Windows XP
    1 year old
    Logitech V220 wireless optical mouse

    Problem: Ever since i switched my laptop mouse from another logitech one, to my wireless one ive been having trouble with my cursor, this was about 3 weeks ago
    Every once in a while for seemingly no reason, my typing cursor will keep moving to the left; it is as if my left arrow key got stuck, but im fairly sure this is not the case.
    This usually happens once or twice every laptop session.
    This is usually resolved by logging off then logging back on again, however sometimes, the problem just stops after 2-5 minutes.

    I hope some of you guys out there can help me out

    The following was typed when the affliction occurred:
    detceffa mi nehw epyt i woh fo elpmaxe na si siht
    (this is an example of how i type when im affected)

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  • I'd switch back to a USB direct connect mouse and see if the problem goes away. I do PC support at work and last week a user complained about a problem where his screen saver and automatic screen lock would never kick in. Turned out he had recently changed to a wireless mouse (don't know brand).

    Some how the mouse was constantly doing something such that the laptop thought he was in front of the system such that the screen lock timer never kicked in.

    Frankly, I try to convince people not to use wireless mice and keyboards because it causes support headaches for IT people like myself. :-P I see next to zero problems with USB input devices. Bluetooth keyboard/mice, and other wireless devices seem to have issues that cause funky stuff to happen.

    Try this: with the wireless mouse "connected", open the Device Manager and delete the wireless mouse from the device list. Right click on the system name at the top and select Detect New Hardware - the mouse should be re-detected. See if that helps at all.

    If there is a custom driver/software, I'd check the Logitech support website for newer software/driver and see if they have a support search database for information on your particular issue.
  • thanks ill give that a shot
  • The same problem just happened to me a day ago.   At first I thought it was a stuck keyboard.   

     I found this post.  Thank you very much.   

    With the mouse on, it was impossible to get to any setup screens.  

    I turned off the mouse and used the keyboard without any problem.  

    I'm buying a USB directly connected mouse.  

  • I'm sure this has more than one cause but for me, I solved it by putting in a new keyboard ($10 with free postage & so easy to do) on my Acer 5733 laptop.  The keyboard cable had been short circuited by a liquid spill.