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inspiron E1405 ac power adapter type cannot be determined


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inspiron E1405 ac power adapter type cannot be determined

  • i have owned my inspiron E1405 for alittle over a year and am still currently using the same 65 w ac power adapter that it came with. a week ago i began seeing this message during start up "ac power adapter type cannot be determined". i then ran an onboard diagnostic and recieved this result:
        Left Battery Bay - AC Adapter Info Test
        Error Code: 3600:0649
        Msg: Invalid Ac adapter reported
    if i plug my adapter into the computer while logged on i recieve this message "your system will operate slower and battery will not charge. please connect a dell 65w ac adapter or higher". my ac adapter is a 65w so i dont know what the problem is. i need to know if its my adapter or my computer. thanks ahead to who ever can help me.
  • If the LED on the adapter is not illuminated before you plug in the notebook end, replace the adapter.

    If it is, it's the power jack on the system board that's faulty. If that's the case, and you're under warranty, Dell will replace the mainboard. If it's out of warranty, a jack replacement by a soldering shop will cost far less ($150 vs. $400-500).
  • thank you so much for your help. my light on my adapter is on. so sadly im am not still under warranty. what is a solding shop?
  • One example:
  • at the moment my computer does not run any slower than normal despite what the warning message said. what risks do i run if i dont fix it?
  • Eventually, the jack will separate completely and the system won't run at all.

    The other issue is that if/When the battery fails to charge, leaving it dead will destroy it.