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D520 14.1" LCD Screen - Which ones will fit ?


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D520 14.1" LCD Screen - Which ones will fit ?

  • Hi Folks
    I have a D520 with the 14.1" screen, I wanted to replace the LCD panel as it has a light scratch on the screen, I've seen many second hand screens of the same size from D510's D610's D600's D500's and although the plastic trim/surround seems diferrent I wondered if the LCD's themselves can be interchangeable. Therefore can I fit one of the other LCD's in my D520 ? or does it have to be the specific D520 LCD panel? if so does anyone know the part number. it's a XGA screen.
  • Ideally, you should use another of the exact same screen you have. You can use a different screen from a D520/D620 if you also buy the cable and inverter to go with it - all bets are off with any other screen; they're not universally interchangeable.
  • Thanks ejn63
    I thought the D620 was a WXGA, being a Wide Screen whereas my D520 is a standard 4:3 profile ?
    I presume and screen from another D520 will do as they should be all the same? or are there diff versions ?
  • You're correct; I had forgotten about the wide vs. normal.

    No, do not assume that all D520 screens are the same - Dell's manufacturer uses screens from various suppliers - what's in one unit may not be the same as what's in another.

    If you do buy a screen other than the exact same one you have, be sure it's a complete unit - screen + inverter + cable. The parts for, for example, and LG Philips screen won't necessarily interchange with a Samsung screen, even if it's from another D520.
  • OK, just one more thing, sorry to keep bugging about this. I have noticed on ebay there are some companies selling screens for the D520 and the listing states the same screen will fit D600, D610, D505, D510, etc. If what you say is correct then how can this be ?
  • The assurance is as good as their willingness to accept a return if it doesn't work. I did not say that screens couldn't be interchanged between models - only that it's risky to try, since notebooks are designed to accept only those screens originally shipped at manufacture. The models listed are all similar and the screens may in fact work - subject to getting the proper inverter and data cable if your model is different now.
  • Ok on the same issue i have a more specific question(s). Can I change the displays between a D600 and a D520 ? More details below

    1. Both units (D520 and D600) are working perfectly.

    2. The D600 display is a 14" SXGA+, the D520 display is a 14"  XGA

    3. I want to change the displays because i use the D520 unit more often, and i'm limited by the max resolution of the XGA display.

    4. Both displays obviously have their cables and inverters in place.

    5. Both display interfaces are the same. LVDS.

    Now for the detailed questions part.

    A. Are the displays mentioned above interchangeable ? And, if yes, has anyone successfully exchanged them.

    B. The cable connectors have the same wiring / pinout on both models ? Or to put it more simple : Do I exchange ONLY the display or do I exchange the display AND the cable connectors ? (don't worry, by display i mean lcd+inverter)


  • It may or may not work - Dell switched from Quanta to Compal as ODM during the life of the D5/6 systems - the screens may or may not interchange.

    If you try a different model screen, you will need a new inverter.

  • Why would i need a new inverter when i have a working one already attached to each display ? As i mentioned above when i remove the display i also remove that displays inverter. Actually for the d4/5/6 series it's harder to remove the screen without the inverter. The ODM is not a problem as long as the cable pinout is the same. ( ie the display from a broken asus works fine on my d430. In that case i've had nothing to lose, the asus had a faulty MB and the D430 had the display cracked so none of them worked. In this case both units work just fine, i just want to put the better display on the better machine).  


  • Notebooks read an EDID chip in the display at bootup.  If the BIOS isn't coded to work with a specific screen, the result can be no display - or a scrambled display - or a failure to be able to control the brightness. LIkewise, the inverter may or may not interchange between screen models.

    Simple pin compatibility doesn't mean a display will work - the BIOS has to support the screen, and the inverter has to be compatible with BOTH the screen AND the system.

    The fact that Dell changed the manufacturer between the various models of D600, 620, 630, etc. means that the screens may or may not interchange.  What Quanta coded in for one set of models may be different from what Compal did for another.