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inspiron 2200 CMOS Battery ?

  • Seem like my CMOS battery needs replacing but I do not seem to be able to find the type of battery it is.  If anyone knows the battery number of the cmos battery for a Inspiron 2200 I would really appreciate your help.  Bigbranch
  • You'll need to pull the battery out and cross match the number on it. It is unlikely the CMOS battery on a system that new would be faulty however- what makes you think it is?
  • My computer quit keeping up with the time and day.  Accessing webpages got to be troublesome because it would pull up an old version.  Went ahead and took in  apart and I must tell you the whole computer has to be 45 screws...took over an hour....the battery number is 2032...a 3 volt number....took another hour to get it back together and the case is a bit bowed so I have to redue it....but all is well and it is now firing on all cylinders.  Bigbranch