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RTC mode fixed. Time of day clock stopped

  • I had unplugged my Inspiron 8000 (Windows ME,without battery) for a week. Now when I turn the power on, the following message appears on a blank screen:
    "RTC mode fixed - Time and date may be wrong.
    Time0of-day clock stopped."
    I would appreciate if someone tells me what this message means. Is there anyway to restart the computer and recover my files on hard drive.
    Thanks. John
  • Just hit F1 or F2 to get in to the bios and set the time and date.Mine does that to when i forget to but the battery in an just press the power button with the computer unpluged and the battery removed.Mine prompts me to press F1 to get in to the bios allthow the normal key is should try both.Keep me posted.