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Intermittent boot problem on Inspiron 5100

  • I have a four year old Inspiron 5100 that has developed an intermittent boot problem. On pressing the power button the fan runs for a few seconds, nothing appears on the screen and then the computer switches off.
    Reseating the memory module every time has cured the problem but now this has stopped working. I have reseated the hard drive, battery and pci cards at the same time as the memory module with no effect and now have to press the power button up to twenty times to start the computer.
    Any ideas?
  • You very likely have a system board that's headed South - the cost to replace one is on the order of $400-500, which isn't worth it for a system of that age.
  • Thanks, I figured it was probably time for a new laptop.
  • before you trash it, try taking some Qtips and swabbing the memory contacts on the motherboard and on the ram(both sides)

    Wait until you are absolutely sure it is dry and try it again. The contacts may simply be oxidizing.