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Battery Warning Light

  • I consistently have the orange battery warning light flashing on my Inspiron 600m. The battery works (although I think the life is shortened), but I am concerned that there may be some sort of problem. Any ideas? I rechecked the recall info a few weeks ago and my battery is not included in the recall.
  • What type of battery?  Please give more symptoms!
  • It's the battery that came with the Inspiron 600m -- Rechargeable Li-ion Type C1295. The only other symptom is that when I push the bottom button to see how much "juice" is left, I don't get the progressive lighting of the 5 LEDs; instead, LEDs 1, 3 and 5 flash. Thanks for your help.

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  • One or more of the cell's in your battery have stopped working!
  • That's not good. Is there anything I can do to slow the decline or am I just going to have to replace it eventually? Thanks again.
  • You will just have to replace it, the sooner, the better.  It can make nasty things happen!