inspiron 1501 - turn off embedded numeric keypad with external key pad active


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inspiron 1501 - turn off embedded numeric keypad with external key pad active

  • When an external numeric keypad is added to an inspiron 1501, is there any way to turn off the embedded numeric keypad in the keyboard on the laptop so that letters are typed while the external keypad is active and able to be used for numbers.
    Basically I want to disable the embedded numeric keypad in the laptop while the numlk is on.
    There is no option in the bios like some other models to change it.
    If you can't do this then it should be noted that this is a bad choice of notebook for people who work with numbers and like their external numeric keypad.
  • From your online manual: • To disable the keypad, press <Fn><Num Lk> again. Seems easy enough.


  • The idea is to turn off the notebooks embedded numeric keypad while not having the external numeric keypad turn off. Hitting <Fn><Num Lk> currently turns off both numeric keypads.
    If I have an external keypad why do i need the built-in one to go, which replaces the keyboards letters with numbers.
    Very frustrating for spreadsheets and accounting where you switch between numbers and letters often.
    It works on my inspiron 5100 and my inspiron 6400. Infact there are settings in the 5100's BIOS to change the way the external  keypad works. Haven't checked the 6400's bios.
    The 1501 seems to have nothing.
  • Trying to accomplish the same goal so I'm going to bump this back to the top...  :)  Anyone have a solution for this?  Is there a way to disable the embedded keypad? 

  • Just change the keyboard layout: