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Connecting a Latitude D620 to a TV


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Connecting a Latitude D620 to a TV

  • I have a D600 now which I occasionally connect to my TV using the S-video out to watch TV shows I downloaded from iTunes. I'm thinking about upgrading to a D620 but I noticed that it doesn't have an S-video out.

    Is there any way to connect a D620 to a TV without spending a fortune? My TV is pretty new and has RCA, S-video, Component and DVI inputs.

    If I can't figure it out, I'll probably end up going with one of the HP business notebooks that has an S-video out, but it'll cost me more (no school discount) and I already have a docking station and several power cords for the Latitude.

  • S-video carrying a computer resolution looks horrible.
    If your tv has HD component inputs you should get a VGA to component cable (one end vga - one end ypbpr).
  • Only specific cards support VGA->ypbpr. I don't think the nvidia or intel card in the D620 supports it.

    As far as I know, without an active box to convert VGA signal to something your TV can understand, there's no way to get TV out from the D620 to a TV.
  • Thanks 033197m. I was afraid that would be the answer. Now I'll have to decide how much not be able to connect it will annoy me.